About Puzz Works

About the Administrator

My main work is as a web engineer, and I do a wide range of activities such as programming, coding, server construction, and server administration. Before working as an engineer, I was a web designer, so I can also handle a full range of design work.

Online Tools

Thank you for visiting Puzz Works. This site was created for me, who wanted an online tool that I could use quickly and easily in the sidebar of my browser without having to launch a desktop application for small tasks in web production or blog management. So, when I find a function that I want, I will suddenly add it, and when I find something that I think is too good for the times, I may remove it.

I am happy if this site is useful for other people, and If you have any suggestions for tools, please feel free to contact us through the contact form. If I think it is a good idea, we may try to make it.


The basic structure of this site, including the tools, is based on WordPress plug-ins and templates produced to achieve most of the functionality. No external plug-ins are used except for spam protection and Contact Form 7. I aim to create a WordPress site that runs as lightly as possible, because adding plug-ins easily would increase the number of requests to the database too much, resulting in a site with a heavy load and poor response time. (Although this site can be realized without using WordPress, I use it as an example to show that this kind of thing can be done with WordPress.)


The site is also PWA-compliant, so it can be used stand-alone as well as in the browser (currently only iPhone and Android phones are supported). Basically, I do not specify any cache other than the minimum required files.


Since this site is created as a tool site, it is as simple as an IDE design, but my work ranges from design to coding, WordPress plugin and template creation, and full-scratch web system creation.If you would like to contact me for a job or inquiry, please feel free to contact me using the contact form.